A Stale Marriage

I found this entry in Katy’s diary. I think it was written after a therapy session. Marianne is the name of Katy’s mum, I checked this with Gina who knows the family well. Martin is the name of her father. The guy who has gone awol. –

“So”, said the Jinn, “have you anything to tell me?”

Marianne knew that he knew the answer. “Well”, she said quietly, “I always found Martin a little bit dull”, 

“Very good”, said the Jinn, pleased at how quickly Marianne was getting the game, he beamed at her, 

Marianne felt a huge sense of relief. And a love for the hideous little goblin in front of her. 

“To tell you the truth, I went through with the wedding because I was frightened. All the decent men I knew were married off already, and I’d just turned thirty-one, it was a bit of a crisis point, then Martin popped the question, and I just felt a huge sense of relief, there was my answer”. 

From what Gina says, I think Marianne was a fairly typical middle-class housewife. To be really truthful – and I feel awful for saying this – I had a hard time believing some of what Katy said about her family. I spent some time trying to track down the psychiatric hospital where Katy’s mum was supposed to be housed. But I couldn’t find a Marianne Charleston. Maybe she had checked in under her maiden name. I also had trouble locating her father’s businesses. Which either means they were not real, or they were under the radar. I know for tax reasons a lot of medium sized businesses are pretty elusive. And that would fit with the pollution of trust issue.


6 thoughts on “A Stale Marriage

    • Yes, Katy got pretty neurotic about her parents. I think the therapist was working through this with her.
      I was convinced that her dad ran off to South Africa when his business went bust. He had a lot of contacts there.
      But I never understood why he didn’t take Marianne with him.

  1. I feel relieved that it’s a lot more acceptable today to be a single woman in her thirties. Yet at the same time, I still know a lot of girls who are so desperate to get married in their twenties so they don’t “end up alone.” But there are sooo many single men in their thirties and forties and most of them don’t share the same worries at all. I have a friend who is 25, she broke up with her boyfriend of four years a while ago and now she’s enjoying the single life, but everyone in her family and even her friends are giving her shit for it. “You need a boyfriend.” “Why aren’t you married or engaged yet?” parents: “We want grandchildren.” “Aren’t you afraid of being alone?” I’m afraid I’ll be judged the same way as I get older. Not that I should care what other people think, but I’d just rather not have to deal with it.

    • Yes. I find aunts are the worst for this. Whenever I go to family dinners, people ask me if I have any plans to get married soon. Actually I am happy not having a husband for now. I am busy studying and woking and seeing my friends. I don’t want to be looking after a man as well!! 🙂

      • I already have relatives (and also one of my high school teachers!) asking me about marriage plans. I was like um I’m 21 and just graduated college… and they’re like yeah so? When are you getting married?

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