Katy’s Friend Gina

A lot of my information about Katy came from a mutual friend called Gina. Gina was a colleague at the Gallery where I was working part time. Our desks were side by side, so I knew an awful lot about her life. She had studied with Katy in London, and been part of the same clique of friends.

Gina was a nice, clean cut girl with glossy dark brown hair, and glasses. She sometimes wore bright lipstick, but always dressed modestly. We used to have lunch together and go round the flea-markets looking for vintage stuff. I remember she used to carry a big carpet bag which had a laptop and a thermos in it. She was responsible for making short films about the artists we promoted at the gallery.

Gina was reserved and professional, it was weird that her and Katy were such good friends because they were so opposite. The only time I ever saw Gina flustered was when one of her old Uni friends got back in touch, a guy called Lewes.

It was the middle of summer and the office felt sticky and boring. I think our boss was on holiday.

The email pinged up on Gina’s screen. The person you haven’t thought about in years.

“I’m back for Thailand for a couple of days, do you fancy a drink?”

“Ok”, replied Gina, more out of curiosity than anything else.

Lewes was into all sorts of spiritual stuff he had picked up while travelling. He looked tanned and grubby, but very attractive in a laid back sort of way. He ordered a soda-water with ice and lime, explaining that he was teetotal and vegan now.

“I’ve not seen you for, like, years. We had some good times together”, said Gina, she had a gift for sounding breezy, and could switch it on at will.

The next day Gina was in a funny mood. I managed to get out of her what had gone on. Lewes had been a very casual boyfriend. I think she might still have had feelings for him. “He thinks I’m really shallow,” she said. “Don’t fall for that bullshit, just because he has dreadlocks it doesn’t mean he’s better than you,” I said. I didn’t want to pry, but I could tell Gina was aggravated, and she had only told me a very sketchy version of events.


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