The Sex-Ed Class

(Notes from Katy’s schooldays)

The basic message had been, do what you like, but use protection. Legislation at the time forbade the teachers from moralising. They were to deliver the facts. Nothing more. Katy had paid close attention. She liked to think of herself as responsible and mature. It was important for a young woman to be in control of her sexuality, and her body. That was her feminist creed.

“How was your day at school sweetie?” Katy’s mum’s voice trilled from the walk in closet where she was unpacking the day’s purchases.

“I scored 86% in RE”, said Katy, “and I got some leaflets from the sex-ed lady”,

“That’s great”, said Katy’s mum, “it’s so good that they give you that kind of guidance”,

Katy changed out of her uniform, and went to meet friends at the American-Style mall. They saw a film, ate ice-cream, and shopped for belly-button rings.

On Saturday, Katy went to a club. She met Giles. They snogged on the part wall and he partially undid her top. “Can I take you out sometime?” he asked,

“Ok”, said Katy. Giles was from the Boys’ public school in the next village. His dad knew one of Katy’s dad’s clients.

The next weekend Katy’s parents were away in Rome. Giles took her to Starbucks and Nando’s, then they went back to her house to play videogames. She beat him at MarioKart. He pulled her onto his knee and started kissing her. He was a bit older and had better technique than the other boy’s she’d been with. “Do you want to have sex?” he asked, then, worried that this was this too pushy, he added “we don’t have to if you’re not ready”.

They had sex on the sofa, using one of the free condoms from the sex-ed talk. She was sixteen at the time.

They dated for a few months. He often slept-over, and was always polite to Katy’s parents. Often he would chat with Katy’s dad about the stock markets, before going up to her bedroom for plain-vanilla sex. Katy’s mum said this was ok as long as they were taking precautions, and even went with her to see the doctor about going on the pill.

It was the weekend before Giles left for uni. He had a place at St Andrew’s to study Economics. His parents threw a huge leaving party for him, inviting all their circle, including Katy and her parents. Katy and Giles found themselves alone on the veranda as the party was drawing to a close.

“I suppose this is goodbye then”, said Giles. He was unemotional. He had bigger things to think of now than Katy.

“Yes”, said Katy. There was no room for negotiation. Giles had explained the week before what a great opportunity this was for him, and how he must focus on his studies, and building his career.

“I’ll see you at Christmas”, he called, as he waved off Katy and her family.

In the car on the way home she was quiet. “We can go for a manicure tomorrow if you like”, said her mum.


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