A very expensive bag

I agreed to stay with Yasmin for a few weeks while I waited for a cheap apartment a few blocks away to become available. The landlord was fixing the plumbing, and had agreed to give me a discount if I repainted a couple of walls. I gave notice on my old apartment and moved my few possessions to Yasmin’s. Yasmin is the one whose daddy bought her the apartment and who gave me a hard time about having dinner with men from Match-dot-com.   

I had taken to carrying Katy’s diary in my handbag, thinking that I could go through it in quiet moments. It was one of those hardback linen covered journals, with a swirly floral print on the cover. It wasn’t a diary as such, just lined pages, but she’d dated some of them, and recorded events. There were also several pages of incoherent angry words. Things like GARETH IS A PRICK, underlined many times. I get the impression that she vented at the diary. As far as I know, she didn’t blog. That was too geeky for her. 

I remember last year, a day in summer. The sun had come out and I had agreed to meet Lina and Katy for lunch. 

Lina noticed Katy’s new bag. It was a Hermes Birkin. OTT even in New York. She was puzzled as to how Katy could afford it. Last time they had met up, about three weeks earlier, things were not going so well. It might be a fake. But Katy wouldn’t do that. She would buy a funky cheap or second-hand bag rather than a naff designer rip-off. 

“Are you ok for cash now?” Lina asked, air kissing her and trying to sound casual, they were standing on the corner near the park, trying to decide where to eat, 

“Oh, yeah, I did some design-work for Fraser, got enough to tide me over for now”, 

That evening, I told Yasmin about the new bag. Yasmin was furious. “I tried to get a Birkin last year,” she said. “The snotty girl in the shop said there was a two year waiting list, so I left and went to Louis Vuitton.”

I didn’t have the heart to explain to Yasmin that she is much to garish to shop at Hermes. For all her cash she tends to look like an explosion in a Versace scarf factory. The Hermes staff probably saw her coming a mile off and hid all the Birkins. 

Kathleen on the other hand, is tasteful, but dull. She looks like someone who works in finance. Which is what she is. She has a beige Kelly which she inherited from her grandma. 


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