Thermos Flasks

I took the subway to work, sipping coffee from a Thermos. I refuse to spend any more money on mediocre coffee from chain coffee shops. No names. You know who you are. I buy the beans from a deli down the road, all fairtrade and roasted in the shop. I grind them at home and make a cafetiere which I pour into a large flask and take to work. Connie is very proud of me. She says I am fighting the man one cup of coffee at a time. Gina got in on the act too, and we were known as ‘The Thermos Sisters’ in the office, we both had to buy bigger handbags to fit the flasks in.

I tried to call Katy again when I got to the office. I was trying to think through what I needed to get done, but my head was numb, and I was obsessing about Her. She didn’t answer. I clonked the phone down on the desk and tried to focus. “What’s wrong with you?” asked Gina. “No sleep. Nightmares. Then Katy called,” I said by way of explanation. Gina looked surprised. She might have been jealous, I don’t think Gina had heard from Katy these past months either.

My phone rang. It was Katy. We were due at the commune in half an hour, but I picked up anyway. “Katy, I came for you, where were you? Are you ok?” I was relieved to hear her voice. Part of me had seen visions of her in a ditch somewhere. “Oh, yeah, I got a lift. It was fine,” she said,

“I came all the way out to Larmount,” I said, faintly, my voice sounded reedy and tired,

“Oh, you shouldn’t have, it was fine, really…listen, my friend’s having a party later, it’s the opening for his club. You and Gina should come. Let me know how many people you want to bring and I’ll put you on the guest list.”

“Ok,” I said. “Speak later.” The workmen were arriving to move the paintings, and Gina was signalling to me to hang up.

“We’re going to be late,” said Gina. “Was that Katy?” there was an edge in her voice, a hint on anger which I’d not really heard before.

“Yes, she want’s to meet up later,”


Gina was genuinely surprised. “I think we should go,” I said, I could tell Gina didn’t want to. She’d had enough of Katy. “Well I’m going,” I said. “I don’t like the people she’s friends with, and I want to check up on her.”

“Ok,” said Gina tersely, “say hello to her from me.”

Gina grabbed her handbag and the paperwork we needed, and stomped down the stairs. Clipped and businesslike, she was more concerned with getting the work done. Focusing on her career rather than on some screw-up friend who didn’t even return her calls.

Image: Grey Dawn, by Connie


2 thoughts on “Thermos Flasks

  1. I’m reading my way through your whole blog. This is your best writing yet (and they’re all very good). I really like the art on this particular post, too.

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