Katy and Adrian

Katy’s Diary, excerpt:

July 2nd 

Fraser said he doesn’t want us to see each other for a while. He says things are getting too complicated for him. And he needs his own space because he has a lot of work to do. Fraser’s friend Adrian says he has a room I can use. I think this would be good. It’s getting awkward living at Fraser’s flat. 

Adrian is nice, but some of his friends are pretty scuzzy. I kind of like him. But I think he might be too old for me. He is about thirty-seven. Someone told me about a dating website where girls can meet guys with money. They guys pay to join but the girls don’t have to. Is it a bit loser-ish to meet someone online? 

Fraser is an arrogant prick. 

I need to find somebody nicer. 

Does Adrian have a girlfriend? 

I bet he does. 

I bet lots of girls want to date him because he owns a bar.

I don’t know why I waste time on guys like Fraser. I am a good catch. 

Later that day:

I called Adrain. He said to come over to his place on Montrose Street.

I have so many clothes. I hate moving. I worry I will leave something behind. I am busy packing the best stuff so I can take it with me. I am thinner than I was so some of my jeans are now loose on me. There was a green dress I liked but now it looks like a sack. 

I am tired and there is a lot to do for the shoot next week. 


To be fair to Katy she was pretty dedicated in her film work. Her job was basically to organise all the props and costumes to be at the right location, at the right time, and to act as a set dresser. She worked with a couple of carpenters who actually built the bits of scenery they needed. You would often see her with a big folder full of lists and dates. I think after her dad disappeared it really sunk in that she was going to have to earn some money. Develop some kind of career. And her best bet was to make a go of it in the rather shaky world of film-making. That sounds counter-intuitive, but she had never been academic, and she didn’t have the sort of sass and practical skills which less privileged kids have from years of coffee-shop or bar jobs. She had a degree and limited CV in “design for film”, and a few leads in that world. It was difficult for Katy, because she was neither carpenter, nor seamstress, nor painter, nor makeup artist, nor wigmaker. She was a jack of all trades. A generic production-designer, who didn’t yet have the reputation or contacts to really earn a living from it. I think Katy knew she was going to have to do a lot of un-paid gigs before her career really took off. She knew it, but she was burying her head in the sand and pressing on. One day at a time.

Image: Shadow by Connie

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